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April 8, 2014

Interactive Map of Europe

Interactive Map of Europe, created with Google Interactive Maps WordPress Plugin.

Interactive Map of Europe for WordPress. We have set Marker mode and selected Wurzburg,Germany as the center of the marker. We have set marker size to for ex. 100 (larger radius from the center), added some title text, tooltip text, and action to show below map (with some action text).

Here we use some advanced CSS customization. In CSS styles (in theme’s css style or just in the post within “<style></style>”) we have added following CSS rules for current map (its id= 15) :

#gm15_visb circle { /* gm15_visb = current map's div, and circle is the markers style */
opacity: 0.3; /* we have set opacity of the marker to be transparent */
stroke: #444444; /* we have set marker' radius color */

Without this rules map will show marker with no transparency.

Interactive Map of Europe Settings

This demo map is created with Google Interactive Maps WordPress plugin, which let’s you create unlimited responsive interactive maps (Interactive World Maps, Europe Interactive Maps, Interactive US Maps, Africa Interactive Maps, Germany Interactive Maps, Interactive Maps of Canada and map of any other continent, country and US state).

Each map can be used multiple times in different posts and pages. Active data is shown in two ways: as fully colored Region, or Marker with colored bubble. Each active region can have: Tooltip on hover and an Action on click. Both tooltip and action values can have HTML text and images.

Plugin is based on Google GeoChart API, all necessary country and province data is included. Plugin enables to Zoom maps with mouse scroll and drag them. It creates SVG maps (No Flash).

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