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Map of World
Map of Continents
Map of SubContinents
Map of single Country
Map of US State
Map of US Metropolitan Areas
Set map Width
Set map Height
Set map Background color
Set map Border width
Set map Border color
Set map Border Radius
Set Inactive region color
Set Tooltip Text Color
Set Marker size
Keep Aspect Ratio
Auto Generate Color
Enable Interactivity
Show Tooltip
Use HTML Tooltip
Map Zoom
Enable Mouse Wheel Zoom
Show Zoom Buttons
Fixate current Zoom position
Draggable if Zoom Fixed
Enable Color by Value
Min Color by Value
Max Color by Value
Show Color Legend
Action on click
Onclick: Show in Modal popup window
Onclick: Show HTML text Below map
Onclick: Open as URL in same window
Onclick: Open as URL in new window
Onclick: Alert as message
Display mode: Regions
Display mode: Markers Place Name
Display mode: Markers Coordinates
Included all Region / Provinces data
Tooltip on hover
HTML Tooltip (with Images)
HTML Action data for each row
Responsive maps
Multiple maps on same page